The History of Michigan Shores Club


Michigan Shores Club is part of a long and rich history, preserved in the elegance of its architecture and ambiance and its traditions carried through its members.

Nestled along the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan in Wilmette, Michigan Shores is a second home to its members. The Club can trace its beginnings to 1898, when Wilmette's first social club, The Ouillmette Country Club, was founded.

The Ouillmette Club merged with the Century Club of Evanston in 1927 to form the Shawnee Country Club. Based on the renderings of the famous architect and civic planner, Daniel Burnham, the Shawnee Club expanded in 1929. This expansion afforded the opportunity for the Clubhouse to showcase the Tudor style that has been preserved throughout the entire Club.

During the Great Depression, a group led by President Wayne Bellows and W. Clement Stone revitalized the Club. What emerged from this transformation is the Club that we know today: Michigan Shores Club. After a century of memories and celebrations, the Club continues to grow and offer its members, old and new, opportunities to share in the tradition that is uniquely Michigan Shores Club.

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