Membership at Michigan Shores Club

From the day of its founding, Michigan Shores has maintained a reputation as a premiere family club on Chicago's North Shore. Our mission is providing the finest dining, athletic and social experiences to our membership. The Michigan Shores Club is a place to greet familiar faces, form enduring friendships and make memories that last a lifetime.

The Club's rich history dates back to 1904 and our elegant clubhouse has been painstakingly preserved, maintained and enhanced since it was designed by legendary architect Daniel Burnham in 1929. The Michigan Shores Club sits on a bluff overlooking beautiful Lake Michigan. The panoramic views from our clubhouse leave a lasting impression on members and their guests.

With an understanding of the club's history and the nature of our membership, The Membership Committee's most important function is to identify individuals and families that share the Board's vision for the club. The Membership Committee carefully considers membership applications and invitations for membership must be approved by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors.

Membership Process

All prospective members must be sponsored by at least one full-equity member of the club.  The nominee must also submit two letters of recommendation;  one from the full-equity member and an one from an additional club member.  Accordingly, the nominee may submit up to four letters of recommendation from current club members.  Membership applications will be provided by the Membership Director at the behest of a full-equity member of the club.  All nominations for membership will be submitted on the Michigan Shores Application form.  Membership is by invitation only.

The sponsors must provide sufficient information to permit the Membership Committee to make a reasonable judgement on the nominee's suitability  for membership, including potential positive contribution of the nominee to the activities and fellowship of the Club. The Membership Director is responsible to have the nominee meet members of the Membership Committee, as appropriate, when an application is deemed complete.  Upon submission of a membership application, a non-refundable deposit is required.  

The Membership Committee is responsible for reviewing any comments received from the membership regarding prospective members and nominees for membership.  After careful review, the application for membership of nominees who the Membership Committee finds have satisfactorily met the foregoing requirements will be forwarded for formal vote of both The Membership Committee and The Board of Directors.

Where membership is extended to the nominee, the nominee will be contacted by the Membership Director and the nominee will receive a formal written invitation to join The Michigan Shores Club.  The invitation letter will contain an invoice for the initiation fee and the first month's dues.  Once the nominee has accepted membership and payment has been received, the Membership Director will invite the new member  to attend a brief orientation meeting to acquaint the member with the rules of the Club, receive your membership booklet and other Club materials.   

For any questions regarding the membership process, please contact Nick Rumas, Membership Director at 847-251-4100.