How to Become a Member

The Application process is simple. Please contact the Membership Office at 847­-251­-4100 to receive an application.

Please see what is required below with your application.

A non­-refundable $1,000 check made payable to Michigan Shores Club. Please remember that this fee is effective for ALL membership categories and will go towards the initiation fee. If the prospective member decides at any time to withdraw their application, the fee will not be refunded.Please contact the Membership Office for initiation fee pricing.

  • Sign the back of the application
  • Include photos – snapshots are acceptable
  • Include all sponsor letters
  • Did all sponsors sign the application? Please note that at least one (1) Equity Member needs to sign the form and submit a letter of recommendation.

Application Procedures:

  • Once we receive your completed application, we will date stamp your application and it will be entered in the application process. We will contact you by letter once your application becomes closer to the approval process. Please contact us at any time if your application information changes and/or if you have any questions.
  • If your application is approved by both a Committee vote and Board vote, you will receive written correspondence inviting you to join the Michigan Shores Club membership. The voting process occurs near the end of every month and invitations are mailed out within the first week following the Board meeting. Please expect around a one to two month wait from the time your application is handed in until the time of the vote.
  • In your invitation letter, you will receive an invoice for your initiation and first month’s dues. Once your payment is received, you are invited to attend a brief (30 minute) orientation meeting to acquaint you with the rules of the Club, receive your membership booklet and other Club materials. Instructions on scheduling the meeting will be included in this final correspondence. Once we have received your payment and you have gone through the orientation meeting, you are able to begin using the Club as a member.

Thank you once again for your interest in Michigan Shores! If you have any questions, please contact us at 847­-251-­4100.